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Do you remember how many times have you lied to your parents? If you say you haven’t, then you are in denial. You are a parent now, but in your teenage, you used to tease your parents just as much as your kids do to you now. Although it is true that dangers that are threatening our kids now are much more and serious than the ones we used to encounter. Now, a kid can go missing in minutes so how are we supposed to sit calmly when our kid is late after school? If you are on the same boat, then you are not paranoid, it is what is happening now.

If you are told that you are overprotective and too much sensitive when it comes to your kids, you must ignore those voices and keep on doing your job which is to protect your kids. You never know when a single phone call can become a source of addiction for the kids, when a single chat can turn into a toxic relationship, and when a shared post can become the cause of depression for your kids. Can you know all these things? Can you deny the existence of these dangers? Does tracking phone number location online seem strange to you? Then you are mistaken.

Social Media – Entertainment or Curse?

Social media is one of those things that kids find very amusing when they start using phones and the internet. Sometimes, kids even want mobile phones because they have friends who are using Facebook, Instagram, and many other similar apps. What do you then? You simply let them have it because let’s face it, you can’t stop them from doing what they want to do.

You might not be able to stop them from using social media, but you can teach them a thing or two about it. Show them how people can reach them through social media into real lives thus doing wrong things. How they must not trust any friend or adult around them for anything they offer. How they should take care of their privacy when using social media. Here are some of the things that must be told to the kids before they start enjoying social media:


They will see people sharing their lives in the glitteriest ways. Kids get attracted to it and think of themselves as not privileged enough to have a similar lifestyle. Show them that all those things that they do on social media are fake and that they shouldn’t feel less because of the glitter that they show.


They will make friends very fast online because kids want people who can admire them and show care for them.  Most adults and even kids are out there on social media to target such innocent kids. They make them friends by showing fake concern for them and then they make these kids do the things that could never be approved by you. Teach your kids about such people and how they shouldn’t do something that seems inappropriate.


Relationships are one of the first few things that kids get attracted to on social media. They meet new people, talk to them, and soon they get indulged in the relationship. In these relationships, they often share inappropriate stuff with each other to impress each other. This stuff can include pictures and videos of sexual nature. Once these things are shared, the other person can use these things against the kids in the future thus resulting in blackmailing. Show them who to handle such things.


Privacy is the main concern for you but not for your kids. They are new to social media, so they tend to share everything from their birthdate to their home address. Little do they know that these things can haunt them and people can reach them in real-life too. Make them sit with you when they are filling up their personal information and tell them how to keep everything private.


Cyberbullying is the advanced and most dangerous form of bullying that is being used these days. If they get into trouble at school, the kids or even adults can easily use social media platforms to bully them in the way that they end up hurting themselves. Kids have even committed suicides due to the severe form of cyberbullying they faced. You must encourage them to talk to you whenever they face something like this. When kids don’t share, they try to handle on their own and the consequences come out to be really bad.

With the dangers increasing every day, you cannot trust anyone for your kids. You can’t even imagine leaving your kids alone even on social media. So, it is better to keep an eye on them for their own safety, monitor social media, and guide them with mutual respect and love.

Monitoring and Tracking Phone Number Location Online

You need to make them realize that they can be open with you no matter how wrong things happen. You can communicate with them, share your life, and do entertaining things together. You can also monitor and track your kids to make sure you know what they are doing and where they are. If they are late from school, have spent more time at their friends’, or have not come home after their friends’ party, you can always know where they are. You can always be calm and stress-free. Moreover, you can also help them if they need it.

Also, you can monitor their social media activities. You can use the best parental control app like SecureTeen to monitor and track their digital activities, calls, chats, location, and much more. You can even manage their screen time remotely through this app. Just make sure they are on the same page as you. They shouldn’t feel disrespectful or suffocated, they must know that it is for their own protection. The more you get to know them, share with them, and guide them through everything, the more they will be safe from the serious consequences.