5 Reasons for Tracking Cell Phone Location of Kids

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Should you be tracking cell phone location of your kids or not? It is a debate that is going on for years and has yet no solution. Every parent tends to do whatever they feel right regardless of what the experts say or what science reveals. If you think your kids’ rights and privacy matters a lot more than your stress, you let them go free. And, if you think they need guidance and proper care, you monitor and track them to guide them through every step. This is how parenting is going on these days.

Among these doubts and debates, the balance is lost somewhere. On one hand, parents want to set their kids free and have life experiences on their own, and on the other hand, parents are being too restrictive and authoritative to protect their kids. In either case, your kids are prone to dangers out there because they might not discuss the things that worry them with you. The basic lies in understanding your child and then you can pursue towards protecting them while giving them the right amount of freedom.

Once you develop these healthy relationships, you can provide the freedom and take care of them at the same time. It will be easier for you to implement any procedure you like once you have brought them one the same page as you. However, when coming to the need for tracking and monitoring them, let’s shed some light on the things that make it necessary to monitor them

Reasons for Tracking Cell Phone Location of Kids

Let’s look at some of the reasons that make it necessary for you to track and monitor their cell phones. Even if you think that they can handle everything, some things can go terribly wrong and they won’t realize it unless it is too late. That’s why you need to check up on them and track the danger before it attacks them. Here are some of the reasons to convince you about this:

Inappropriate Content

The internet is filled with all types of content. Even when all your kids are searching for is entertainment or study material, they can still see the ads of things that are not appropriate for the kids. Once they click on those ads, they can see the adult content that is not good for their mental health. You must block all the sites that contain sexual content, racism, substance abuse, and other related content through porn blocking software.


Although it is a federal crime, still many students are sending inappropriate texts and photos to each other in the name of relationships. These kids and teens when starting new relationships are forced to do this sort of thing by their partners in the name of love. Later, the same texts, photos, and videos can be used against them and they can be threatened to publicize that material. It might seem like an unrealistic thing right now, but many studies have proven that there are adverse effects of this act on kids.


Are your worried that your kid might get him/herself into substance abuse? Yes, surely you are worried about that, but you might want to know that screen addiction is very much similar to substance abuse. Your child doesn’t get appropriate sleep, looks at the phone every five minutes, is eager to check out the notifications, and once you turn off the WIFI, they get furious. These are all the signs that indicate that they are badly getting addicted to the digital world.

Online Bullying and Harassment

Your kids might be embarrassed about telling you that they are being cyberbullied. This is because of several reasons; they might think it is their fault, they hardly understand what is happening, they are scared that you will judge them, etc. But, you must know that there are several cases reported where kids have even committed suicide due to the harassment they faced online. Yes, it can go up to this level. So, why not know it and stop it before it goes out of hands?


Once they have started using cell phones and digital media, they seldom care about how to properly use it. They will use it like all other people are using it. They want to post everything, share their emotions, and make their life look as glittery as possible. In this scenario, they often end up sharing too much information with strangers that results in dangerous after effects. Online predators often seek out such innocent kids who are ready to share everything once they are given some love and care. This is where you must jump in and show them who their real well-wishers are.

With these and many other dangers roaming over their head, how can you think about leaving them alone and letting them handle such things when they can’t? It is time to change the perspective and protect them in this dangerous era.

How to Track and Monitor them?

When you have agreed upon tracking cell phone location, what you need now is a great app that lets you handle everything under one roof. You need to monitor them, track them, manage their screen time, block inappropriate content, and much more. Search for an app that does this all for you. As you can’t download different apps for each purpose.

SecureTeen is one of the best apps that offer you all the features in one place. You can manage your kids’ social media and other aspects easily through this app. You can even see the danger coming through the use of this app so that you can intervene at the right time. So, why wait? Download the best parental control app right now and protect your kids the best way possible. Just make sure they understand what and why you are doing this so that they don’t go all rebellious on you.